You won’t guess how much these gay icons cost to hire for your party

It’s the usual end of the day question in the office… ‘How much would it cost to hire Elton John to come and sing for us to pass the time’ – yes we have that much money we don’t know what to do with it! Well with a little research I bring you our Top 10 gay icons for hire… You’ll be surprised at who’s the cheapest!

No.1) Madonna – $N/A

CREDIT: Denis Makarenko / Bigstock

Just like any good antique if there’s no price on it, you can’t afford it!

No.2) Cher – $1,000,000+

CREDIT: © s_bukley | Depositphotos
You’ll be singing ‘If I Could Turn Back time’ when this cheque clears!

No.3) Barbra Streisand – $1,000,000 +

CREDIT: ©-s_bukley-Depositphotos

Looks like the price of ‘Gay Gold’ has gone up a little.

No.4) Tina Turner – $1,000,000 +


If we did win the Euromillions then my money would certainly go here… sorry Elton.


No.5) Elton John – $1,000,000 +

© anyamuse Depositphotos

Well one requires a high price tag to cover the cost of all those flowers… I wonder if he’d do it for free if we sent David a bunch of Daffs instead?


No.6) Celine Dion – $750,000 – $1,000,000

This is where the price tags start to sink… no? sink… Titanic… Nothing?

No.7) Gloria Estefan – Under $400,000

Here’s a real bargain. The word under suggests there’s room to haggle. £50?

Sorry  the rhythm is getting me here…

No.8) Shirley Bassey – Under $200,000

Call me what you will but here was a real shock. We do love a bit of Bassey on a Monday. Having a whip round as we speak.

No.9) Boy George – Under $150,000

© Jean_Nelson Depositphotos

Think they must really want to hurt him with this price tag! Seems a very low price for our favourite boy.

No.10) Liza Minnelli – Under $100,000

© s_bukley Depositphotos

Biggest shock of them all. It’s Liza with a Z-list price tag. I’d heard she’d attend the opening of a fridge which is kinda handy as I could do with another cuppa.

So how much would you pay for your favourite stars?

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