It’s the usual end of the day question in the office… ‘How much would it cost to hire Elton John to come and sing for us to pass the time’ – yes we have that much money we don’t know what to do with it! Well with a little research I bring you our Top 10 gay icons for hire… You’ll be surprised at who’s the cheapest!

No.1) Madonna – $N/A

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Just like any good antique if there’s no price on it, you can’t afford it!

No.2) Cher – $1,000,000+

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You’ll be singing ‘If I Could Turn Back time’ when this cheque clears!

No.3) Barbra Streisand – $1,000,000 +

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Looks like the price of ‘Gay Gold’ has gone up a little.

No.4) Tina Turner – $1,000,000 +


If we did win the Euromillions then my money would certainly go here… sorry Elton.

No.5) Elton John – $1,000,000 +

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Well one requires a high price tag to cover the cost of all those flowers… I wonder if he’d do it for free if we sent David a bunch of Daffs instead?

No.6) Celine Dion – $750,000 – $1,000,000

This is where the price tags start to sink… no? sink… Titanic… Nothing?

No.7) Gloria Estefan – Under $400,000

Here’s a real bargain. The word under suggests there’s room to haggle. £50?

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Sorry  the rhythm is getting me here…

No.8) Shirley Bassey – Under $200,000

Call me what you will but here was a real shock. We do love a bit of Bassey on a Monday. Having a whip round as we speak.

No.9) Boy George – Under $150,000

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Think they must really want to hurt him with this price tag! Seems a very low price for our favourite boy.

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No.10) Liza Minnelli – Under $100,000

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Biggest shock of them all. It’s Liza with a Z-list price tag. I’d heard she’d attend the opening of a fridge which is kinda handy as I could do with another cuppa.

So how much would you pay for your favourite stars?

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