Christopher Maloney first came to the attention of the UK during the ninth series of X Factor in 2012. The love of his nan and his coy and shy start endeared him to the general public.

1) Christopher Maloney came out as gay in March 2013 three months after the final of X Factor. He came out saying, “Do you know what, I’m going to admit it – yeah.”

2) He proposed to his partner Gary Doran in Egypt and posted it on YouTube. They’ve been together for over 7 years.

3) He was just one of 5 out singers in the ninth series of X Factor, other gay and lesbian contestants included, Lucy Spraggan, Jade Ellis, Rylan Clark and Jaymi Hensley from Union J.

4) His music career after X Factor hasn’t been very successful despite winning over a legion of fans on the show. His first single “My Heart Beings To You” failed to make it into the top 100 singles chart.

5) Christopher has had a number of surgeries on his face, spending over £70,000 on cosmetic procedures. He said that online trolls had called him “Mr potato head” and that he couldn’t look at himself anymore. Reportedly he’s had hair transplants, a nose job, an eye lift and work on his teeth.

6) He had his surgeries done in Poland and posted pictures of the aftermath of the work to his fans.

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7) He’s from the Merseyside and has opened his own Theatre and Drama Academy to nourish the talents of children across Merseyside.

8) In his season of X Factor, he was portrayed as the “panto villain” with both Louis Walsh and Tulisa slamming his performance style as “cruise ship.” He said, “There’s always got to be a pantomime villain every year and it’s just unfortunate this year it’s got to be me.”

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9) He appeared naked in GT magazine in 2013. Oo err missus.

10) He has a Bette Midler tattoo, lyrics of her song The Rose have been permanently inked onto his arm.

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