Mr Harsh but fair Craig Revel Horwood is quite the character, much loved by audiences but often loathed by contestants.

Here are 11 things you probably didn’t know about the Strictly Come Dancing judge.

1) Craig Revel Horwood was born in Australia in 1965, making him 50. He was born in Ballarat in Victoria,

2) One of his first paid jobs was as a drag queen in bars and clubs. His drag name was Lavish.

3) At one time Craig identified as bisexual before coming out as gay. He told a reporter from OK magazine that after his wife (Jane) left him for another man he “fell in love with a bloke. I have been gay ever since.”

4) He rarely gives the perfect 10 on Strictly. It is a highly prized honour.

5) He’s had two cosmetic surgeries including a nose job and male breast reduction. He had his “moobs” reduced in 2010 and it cost a whopping £3000.

6) He still does drag. Craig is still known to glam up or dress up as a dame. He’s often a dame in Panto or more recently as Miss Hannigan in Annie.

7) He’s currently dating Britain’s Got Talent runner up Damon Scott. They live together in Hampshire and have been dating since 2013.

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8) He moved from Oz to the UK in 1989. In 2011 he officially became a British Citizen.

9) In his tell-all book he talks about giving sexual favours to an anonymous showbiz “sugar daddy”. He said,

“I have to refer to him as ‘Mr X’ for legal reasons. Basically I got favours from him for sexual favours, so I likened that to being a rent boy, only because I didn’t feel anything for this character.

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“But he paid for my dance tuition which was brilliant as it got me out of my hometown and to Melbourne where I trained.

10) He was once anorexic. As a child he was very overweight and became ill with at one point eating just lettuce for two weeks.

Craig Revel Horwood is currently appearing on Strictly Come Dancing on BBC one

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