One of the lads from The Apprentice has caught our eye with his very easy on the eye appeal… So we decided to investigate.

1) Since leaving University he’s been working as a private tutor. We’re deciding as we type what modules we need covering.

2) Richard Branson, yes he of the Virgin group is Sam’s business Icon, because he agrees with Branson’s ethics on treating people in business.

3) At the time of writing this Sam is a Twitter novice, with only 30 tweets with 1036 followers. We’ll see how he fairs by the end of the series

4) His reaction to Manly Moist during the Shampoo task – was a bit of a classic – we pulled the same face.

5) He has the girls and the boys lusting after him on Twitter, he’s already hitting it off with gay fans.

6) Basically, this look makes us melt a bit. In fact we’d go as far to say it makes us

7) Looking through, who he’s following we’re wondering what conclusions can be made: Attitude Magazine, Patrick Stewart, Tamal Ray, Ian McKellen, Nigella Lawson and Taylor Swift… Thoughts? No judgement of course. (hint: follow us god dammit)

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8) He’s a doggy man… Cute pugness alert.

9) Basically he looks slightly amazing pouring coffee. Ours: no sugar and black…

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10) He describes himself as loyal, honest and adventurous, which is funny, because that’s exactly what we look for in a man.

11) He’s just 23…

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