Day: 22 December 2012

  • Tory MP calls Dr. Jessen TV programmes “Chav”

    Conservative MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson, who recently described plans to legalise gay marriage as an ‘outrage’ and a ‘disgrace’ slammed television programmes by Doctor Christian Jessen as ‘chav’ earlier today via the mini social networking site Twitter. The remark was made after Doctor Christian Jessen Tweeted a link to the Guardian newspaper’s website where […]

  • INTERVIEW | Gareth Thomas

    INTERVIEW | Gareth Thomas

    Lewis Fellows gets a Quickie with rugby superman Gareth Thomas. They talk about Coming Out, Mickey Rourke and his brand new fitness DVD.   TGUK – Gareth! You’ve been incredibly busy recently! What’s been dominating your schedule lately? GT – Yes it’s been very hectic – first of all I’ve been filming, producing then promoting […]