Conservative MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson, who recently described plans to legalise gay marriage as an ‘outrage’ and a ‘disgrace’ slammed television programmes by Doctor Christian Jessen as ‘chav’ earlier today via the mini social networking site Twitter.

The remark was made after Doctor Christian Jessen Tweeted a link to the Guardian newspaper’s website where David Davies, MP for Monmouth, had been interviewed by Decca Aitkenhead about gay marriage issues, including whether legalising same sex marriages would lead to a change in sex education in schools.

Doctor Jessen tweeted:

“Have a read of this interview and then consider that this man is an MP who makes decisions affecting yr life. Worrying”


Mr Jackson, who has just under 4,700 follwers on Twitter replied:

“Yes maybe he shouldn’t be representing his constituents as he sees fit but making crap chav TV like you”

Doctor Jessen is a presenter and sexual health advocate for popular programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies, Supersize Vs. Super-Skinny and Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer programme which aimed to bring awareness of sensitive health issues to a television audience.

In an interview with this magazine Doctor Jessen said:

“The show’s been on so long that a lot of people are very firm believers in it and want to be part of that whole raising awareness of their condition and experience. Others just haven’t got a great GP and they’re just a bit fed up so if coming on TV means they can get their chronic problem, which they’ve had for many years, sorted, then that’s fine by them.”


Twitter users responded angrily to the outburst from MP. User Jamie Smy ›@dotsmy tweeted:

“Ooh I love it when a Tory drops the c-bomb. Reminds everyone what you REALLY think of the working class”

And Fran Crinnion @Franomaly added:

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“I forgot only chavs get testicular/breast cancer & so are the only ones who need to learn how to check for it.”

Dr. Jessen then replied with

“So Tory MP @SJacksonMP calls my TV viewers chavs and so shows how beautifully in touch with the public he is. Surprised? Not a lot…”

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