Day: 17 April 2014

  • Father claims that KFC kicked out daughter and girlfriend because they were gay

    A father from Bath, UK, has taken to Twitter to complain to KFC, that his daughter and her girlfriend where kicked out from the fast food restaurant for being gay Stephen Pope took to Twitter today (17th April) to ask if it was KFC policy to kick out gay couples. In his tweet Mr Pope […]

  • Director Bryan Singer Sex Accusations ‘Absurd’

    The Hollywood director Bryan Singer, best known for directing X-Men has been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old male. According to The Wrap, court documents obtained by the outlet, show that the X-Men Director Bryan Singer, 48, is being accused of drugging, raping and ‘using his power to exploit a teenage boy’ dating back to […]

  • Quakers to hold ‘Spirituality And Sexual Ethics’ Conference

    It is just over 50 years ago that a major milestone in the fight for equal rights was reached when a booklet called “Towards a Quaker View of Sex” was published and launched the debate about gay rights in many religious and secular circles as it presented alternative approaches to sex as a natural and […]

  • INFOGRAPHIC: What Underwear Do British Men Wear?

    Well the question seems clear cut – But what are British men wearing to cover their modesty? 33% of men in the UK still prefer to wear boxers over other types of underwear. There was a 6% increase in traffic for male thongs in 2013. Web traffic to thongs is in the top three for […]