Well the question seems clear cut – But what are British men wearing to cover their modesty?

  • 33% of men in the UK still prefer to wear boxers over other types of underwear.

  • There was a 6% increase in traffic for male thongs in 2013.

  • Web traffic to thongs is in the top three for 6 of the 8 European countries.

Earlier in the week we asked whether you were a briefs, boxers or Boy Is A Bottom kind of guy, well the official stats are in as the infographic below shows.

A recent study by Twenga, a UK based retail search engine, revealed that British men are becoming more daring in the pants department.

Starting to play it risqué

The data shows that UK web traffic to the male thong is up by 10%!

The bare all male thong also made it into the top three underwear searches in Poland, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany and Italy. However, it still isn’t a firm favourite amongst British men, and surprisingly, Spain.

Overall there is an increase of 6% in traffic to male thongs across the countries involved in the study.

In Spain, although not a fan of the thong, prefer the tanga over the other options; suggesting that they’re not averse to revealing more.

Men are starting to care about what they bare

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Last year UK department store Selfridges revealed that men’s underwear sales were up by 28%.

The menswear buying manager at Selfridges, Richard Sanderson, said: ‘Men are becoming more conscious of what they are wearing when they take off their trousers. They want to impress their women — or their men — or just want to feel more comfortable.’

This substantial growth in sales, they believe, can be attributed to advertisements featuring a physically toned David Beckham in his underwear.

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Comfort has always been the main priority for men when choosing their underwear but it seems that appearance is gradually starting to take some precedence, as apparent by the growing number of male underwear styles available.

So what do you like to wear?


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