A father from Bath, UK, has taken to Twitter to complain to KFC, that his daughter and her girlfriend where kicked out from the fast food restaurant for being gay

Stephen Pope took to Twitter today (17th April) to ask if it was KFC policy to kick out gay couples.

In his tweet Mr Pope said:

‘Dear @kfc the manager at your Bath,UK store just kicked my daughter and her g/f out for being #gay. Is this one of your policies ?’


The tweet has already received over 284 retweets.

According to his Twitter timeline, Mr Pope alleges that a complaint was made by a customer to the store’s manager who then threw the women out of the store.

Pope also stated that he was currently with the police and he has made an official complaint.


The KFC Twitter team have yet to response to Pope’s Tweet.

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TheGayUK has reached out to KFC for comment on the matter and is awaiting a response.

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