Day: 30 July 2014

  • WATCH | Orlando Bloom And Justin In Fisty Cuffs?

    Goodness, rumours are flying around that Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have had an altercation. Orlando Bloom is known for his calm and Zen like personality, however it seems that Justin Bieber knows the buttons to press after news emerged that the actor allegedly threw a punch at JB in a restaurant in Ibiza. The […]

  • Gay police officers are worried about impact on their career

    Gay and lesbian police officers sometimes fear the consequences of revealing their sexuality as they rise through the ranks, it has been revealed. Some senior police officers are worried that coming out may impact on their career prospects and that homophobia still exists within some policing teams. At the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and […]

  • First Gay Romance In Big Brother Heats Up After Bedtime Kisses

    Christopher admits to Ashleigh that he and Mark had a kiss last night, before he sent him back to his own bed. Mark then joins the conversation and tells Christopher, who is wearing his top, that he can keep it, as it suits him and he doesn’t have as many clothes in the House. Christopher […]

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