WATCH | Orlando Bloom And Justin In Fisty Cuffs?

Goodness, rumours are flying around that Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have had an altercation.

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Orlando Bloom is known for his calm and Zen like personality, however it seems that Justin Bieber knows the buttons to press after news emerged that the actor allegedly threw a punch at JB in a restaurant in Ibiza.
The two were spotted at the Cipriani restaurant a poolside eaterie in Ibiza – in the early hours of Wednesday morning, when customers were disturbed by an argument, which meant the pair had to be pulled apart by pals.
Apparently, reports suggest that JB made a derogatory remark about Bloom’s ex wife Miranda Kerr, but sources tell The Sun, that the remark was made only after Bloom’s swing.
The New York Post reports that the crowd cheered when Orlando made the swing for Justin.
Yesterday pictures of Justin Bieber turned up on a posing site popular with gay men.
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