Christopher admits to Ashleigh that he and Mark had a kiss last night, before he sent him back to his own bed.

Mark then joins the conversation and tells Christopher, who is wearing his top, that he can keep it, as it suits him and he doesn’t have as many clothes in the House.

Christopher talks to Big Brother about his “friendship/relationship” with Mark and admits that while he loves his “melodramatic” character, he doesn’t like it when he creates a scene in front of the other Housemates, admitting “If you’re trying to embarrass me or make a mockery out of me publically, please don’t do that because I won’t hang around Mark” When questioned about what he wants from the relationship, Christopher admits that he doesn’t know where it’s going as there are some trust issues, saying “if you’re not prepared to show a bit of faith in me, I don’t think it’s going to work”