Day: 5 May 2015

  • Gay Marriage: Our Tomorrow

    More than 100 LGBTQ organisations have launched a social media campaign called “Our Tomorrow” in advance of the Supreme Court ruling on marriage in June.   The campaign encourages LGBTQ individuals and allies to “share their hopes, fears and ideas in their own words.” Masen Davis, Our Tomorrow’s outreach director announced: “Our Tomorrow is dedicated […]

  • Do You Have Facial Faeces?

    Sporting a lumbersexual beard may not be as hot as you think according to a survey conducted by a TV news crew in New Mexico. When microbiologist John Golobic, of Quest Diagnostics swabbed a few beards even he was shocked at what he discovered. Several of them contained normal bacteria, but some contained so much […]

  • Call For New Psychology Standards For LGBT Community

    Collaborating counselling psychologists at Regent’s University London, Dr Markus Bidell and Professor Martin Milton, are calling for the development of international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) psychology and psychotherapy standards. Both academics say that LGBT people encounter serious mental health disparities that can be critically worsened by discriminatory and prejudicial LGBT policies and human […]

  • NYC Hotelier: “Gays Are Cheap”, “Gays Are Entitled”

    A gay hotelier who was slammed last week after hosting an anti-gay Republican Senator has hit out at the gay community, calling them “entitled” and cheap, complaining that his venture the Out NYC hasn’t yet shown a profit. Speaking to New York Magazine, Ian Reisner, was talking about how hard he has found it making […]