Day: 27 July 2015

  • Memorial Fund For Teen Allegedly Killed By Boyfriend Raises $13K

    A memorial page, which was set up to raise money for the funeral for a teenager who was allegedly killed by his boyfriend in a violent domestic attack, has raised nearly $13,000. Stephen Sylvester died after he was reportedly brutally attacked by his boyfriend Bryan Canchola after an argument about cheating. Canchola is now facing […]

  • Anastacia Is Back…

    We’re so excited… the woman with the HUGE ICONIC voice is back for her Ultimate collection which is out in October. She’s sold 30 million records world-wide, most of them to drag queens. If you’ve not yet seen a drag queen take off I’m Outta Love, you’ve basically not lived. 2015 has been a huge […]

  • INTERVIEW | Jeffrey Schwartz

    In the 1950s an exceptionally handsome young man was the biggest box office star at Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood. This major heartthrob matinee idol, made over 40 films was also a very successful pop singer, his debut number one single, Young Love, was the genesis for Warner Brothers Records. He was one of the […]

  • How Gay Friendly Are The Labour Leadership Contenders?

    As the Labour party prepares to vote on its next leader, we look at the four candidates to see what their gay-friendly credentials are like. Andy Burnham Burnham has been an MP since 2001, in that time he has good voting record on LGBT+ issues, except Votes on adoption in May 2002, for which he […]

  • COMMENT | Why Is This Labour Leadership Race So Boring?

    Can I just say what we’re all thinking? Watching this Labour leadership contest is about as exciting as watching various shades of red paint dry. I’m sat here trying to come up with an interesting, fresh angle on this election, but I’m about two (okay, five) drinks in and all I can muster is: “Liz […]

  • Ivan Massows vows that his work is not yet done

    Ivan Massow may have been snubbed by the Conservative Party as a candidate for the London Mayoral Race 2016, but does he have independent ideas? Ivan Massow was seemingly snubbed by the Conservatives in favour of Tory insiders, however, that hasn’t dampened Massow’s hopes of being London Mayor. In a response to a Tweet asking […]

  • Perez Hilton Shows Off His Slimmed Down Frame

    Perez Hilton has treated his fans to a topless picture showing off his remarkable weight loss. I didn't make it to the gym once this week!! ??? It's been so exceptionally busy! BUT, I have committed to my healthy eating and this coming week should be less crazy. Life can be challenging, but I am […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Tab Hunter Confidential

    ★★★★★ | Tab Hunter Confidential Tab Hunter was and still is at the age of 83-years old a stunningly handsome man. When he was a teen idol in the 1950s he was the ultimate clean-cut, all-American boy and seemingly butter would not melt in his mouth. He was Warner Brothers Studio’s biggest box office movie […]