We Are Gay UK

Day: 24 July 2016


El Gallo de Oro

A DOCUMENTARY OF HOPE THROUGH LAUGHTER A film which chronicles the journeys of a middle-aged man paying tribute to his mother, who is battling cancer. With a few friends by his side, a camera and a vision, Piña will find […]



Cancerpants is the journey of a 36 year old lesbian woman, Rochelle Poulson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while trying to start a family. It follows her life during and after treatment. Her community rallies around her as she […]


Born This Way

With intimate access to the lives of two gay Cameroonians, Born This Way is a portrait of life in modern Africa. Lyrical imagery, devastating homophobia and a courtroom drama coalesce into a story of what is possible in the global […]

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen
CREDIT: Wikipedia / CC By Rémi Noyon aka RemiJDN derivative work: Hégésippe Cormier [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

French MP: Gay Marriage Could “Open The Door To Polygamy”

French MP, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has suggested that accepting gay marriage could lead to multiple partner marriages.   Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has told The Telegraph in an exclusive interview that she is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage saying that if […]


Metro Sexual

Metro Sexual Genre: Short Description: What it takes to be a Man? In general if you ask anyone irrespective of the gender they would say two balls & penis but that’s not the answer. Parthi talks about Lord Krishna’s Bisexuality, […]


Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer Genre: Short Description: ‬ Parthiban Shanmugam’s take on ‘why letting yourself daydream is so important.’ Released: 2016 Length: 4 mins Amazon Prime Rating: ★ TheGayUK Rating: (Not Rated)   Other Genres: Action | Biography | Bollywood | Comedy […]


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