Day: 12 February 2018

  • Katie Hopkins just used Peter Rabbit to mock non-binary and trans people

    Right-wing controversialist demands an apology from Sony Pictures saying that Peter Rabbit doesn’t identify as male. With the non-binary and trans community squarely in her sights, Katie Hopkins seemingly mocked how some in the trans and non-binary community wish to identify themselves. In a tweet, we can only imagine she thought was amusing, she demanded an […]

  • Footballer “accidentally” flashes the entire world

    Free Willy… You know what it’s like. Freezing cold, there’s a drizzle in the air, you’re wearing thin white short shorts and the world is watching. What do you do? Yep, accidentally pull your shorts down exposing your Johnson to the world. Behind your manager of all people. An unidentified Huddersfield substitute player managed to exposed his manhood […]

  • Who is Noel Fielding and is he married?

    Who is Noel Fielding and is he married?

    He’s romped, but it wasn’t for him!

  • Over half of gay and bi men cheat on their partners, research finds

    New research has found that the majority of gay and bi men cheat on their partners. A survey of gay and bisexual men has found that 52 percent had cheated on their boyfriends and nearly 60 percent said they had been cheated on by their partners. Despite over half of partners cheating on their lovers, […]

  • Perez Hilton can’t get a boyfriend, “I’m disappointed”

    It’s nearly Valentine’s, but he can’t find a boyfriend. It seems that even Perez Hilton can’t catch a break in the dating world. Despite changing up his online profile and uploading new pictures, the internet’s “queen of gossip” just can’t find any boyfriend material. The father of three, looked healthy and relaxed as he updated […]

  • Sam Giffen leaves fans speechless after rather bulgey photo

    Former Big Brother star Sam Giffen, decided to upload two gorgeous photos, but fans could only focus on one thing… Perhaps it was Jamie, in the comment section of Sam Giffen’s Instagram, that summed up the focus of two pictures “yummy bulge”. The former Big Brother star recently uploaded two rather bulgey pictures. Fans were also […]

  • ‘Get Out,’ ‘Call Me by Your Name’ win big at WGAs

    “Get Out” and “Call Me by Your Name” won top prizes at the Writers Guild of America Awards Sunday, three weeks before the Oscars, the glittering climax of Hollywood’s awards season. Writer-director Jordan Peele picked up the trophy for best original screenplay for “Get Out,” a dark satire of the African-American experience and liberal white […]

  • Gay teacher fired by Catholic school after wedding

    A Miami teacher returned to work after celebrating her wedding to her partner only to get fired from her job. The Catholic school teacher, Jocelyn Morffi, posted photos her marriage last weekend to Facebook and was fired from the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School on Thursday after returning to work the day before. “This […]