Dive into summer (yes it’s finally here) with these four sun embracing must-haves chosen by me just for you!

  1. Oh the shade of it all!! Protect your peepers from harmful UV rays by wearing sunglasses. Usually, I’m a Raybans boy but I did find these awesome Aviators from American Eagle for only £12. Stylish yet affordable.

  2. Dig out your budgie smugglers! Summer is all about that bass so make sure that your tushi is covered only in the best that swimwear has to offer. This year I’m sunning it in bright, bold printed trunks by Aussie Bum and The Swim Shop. I like a tight fit with enough room to cup my junk and these definitely deliver.

Cheetah Animal Print, Aussie Bum – £23.19

Twilight Lagoon Print, Aussie Bum – £22.48

Speedo Men’s Endurance, The Swim Shop – from £13

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  1. Step into the light! Flip flops are so passé, not to mention bloody uncomfortable. I much prefer to slip my feet into a pair of Toms. So much so I just bought two pairs! All in the name of charity off course because for every pair of Toms you purchase the company will give a pair to a needy child somewhere. Winning!

  2. Burn baby burn! No, don’t burn, only douche bags don’t wear sun screen. A good sun screen will protect you against dark spots and skin cancer while allowing you tan like a god. There are so many great brands to chose from including Kiehl’s, Clinique, Nivea and Malibu to name but a few. I’d recommend having a selection with varying SPF levels. I like to wear a stronger SPF on my face because my mug tends to burn quickly.

It may only last a day it may last all summer but we don’t care, this is Britain! Go out there, get yourself a Mr Whippy and enjoy Summer!!

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