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5 Things You Didn’t Already Know About Dani Robles

Spanish stallion Dani Robles has taken the European porn world by storm this year, taking home the crown of Best Newcomer at the Prowler Porn Awards 2018.

He’s graced screens across the world in and out of his impeccably tailored suits, with his movie star good looks and those pearly whites. But we at THEGAYUK like to go past the glamour and really get to know a guy and so we sat down with Mr Robles to do just that. Here are 5 things you didn’t already know about Dani Robles. Handy to know since we’re all not so secretly want to marry him, right?

1. If you ever wondered what Dani’s type? The answer is for our Spanish stallion it’s more about the personality. He likes a guy who works out and stays healthy but without a nice and caring personality, a good body doesn’t mean anything to him.

2. He started porn a whole 4 years ago! His first ever scene was for the studio Men at Play and featured our Spanish stallion getting hot and sweaty in the gym.


3. Dani is pretty well known for having a great bubble butt and unsurprisingly studios cast him in the bottom role for most of his films. In his private life, however, Mr Robles is completely versatile. For him, it’s all about the chemistry and so all you bottoms out there be rest assured, there is hope he’s still the man for you!


4. His favourite city in the whole world is Barcelona, he loves everything about it! The architecture, food and views, make it his go-to destination whenever he gets some free time.


5. Last on our list is his favourite song, wanting to put a smile on his face? Have Aaliyah: We Need a Resolution on in the background!


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