The quest for the beach body doesn’t need to stop once you actually get to the beach.

The quest for the beach body doesn’t need to stop once you actually get to the beach.


Once you’ve worked your butt off to get trim and sexy(er) for your beach body holiday, it can be tempting to ditch your workout routine the second you clear customs. I’m on holiday, forget the diet.

And while I wholeheartedly support that (you’ve worked hard, you deserve a break), should you wish to keep up even a small part of your regime whilst away, there are a few things you should pack that can help you.

1. Trainers

Duh, I hear you say. But let’s cover the obvious one first. Don’t assume you can do a worthwhile workout in flip-flops, or barefoot. Take a good pair of gym shoes with you for your workouts that could even double up for those long walks around through the city or mountain hikes that you may or may not be inclined to do while away. Pack them in a shoe locker to protect the rest of your bag from dirt and workout odour.

2. Extra headphones

I don’t think anyone goes anywhere these days without headphones (well apart from my mother who likes to eavesdrop on the plane). But if you’re looking to workout while abroad, pack an extra set specifically for working out. That way you always have a backup and don’t have to get your travelling headphones sweaty when you’re working out.

I like to take my Brainwavz Delta Noise Isolating earphones for the plane and my Avanca D1 Bluetooth headphones for working out.

3. Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is a great idea in order to assuage any holiday laziness guilt by keeping track of just how active you are while away. If you’re on a city break or any kind of excursion you could be racking up the steps and burning calories you wouldn’t normally burn sitting at your desk.

I love my Fitbit Flex 2 as the battery lasts for days and it’s fairly inconspicuous, or if you want something a little more detailed you could grab a Ticwatch S for just £177.99 and download maps and walking tours directly to your watch. Two birds, one stone. Check out our full review of the TicWatch S.

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4. Resistance bands

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Resistance bands are the ultimate on-the-go training tool, extremely portable and endlessly versatile, you can keep up your strength and flexibility training wherever you are in the world.

5. Therapy balls

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Giggle, balls. Joking aside, a good pair of balls could be a lifesaver on your next trip, even if you don’t plan of working out. A compact alternative to a foam roller, therapy balls can help release tight shoulders, sore feet, or anything else that aches. They nix tightness and keep our muscles feeling good wherever we go.

6. Packable yoga mat

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These are great even if you have no intention of doing a single sun salutation. The simple act of laying out your mat creates a specific workout space in your hotel room, and the constant visual will remind you that you could spend a few minutes working out or stretching or planking.

The eKO SuperLite Travel Mat from Manduka is lightweight, has great grip, and is designed to be folded, not rolled.

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About the author: Nick Baker

Travel is such a huge part of modern life, and having grown up overseas and lived as a digital nomad no one gets that more than me.

As the world gets smaller we're constantly looking for new and exciting places to visit that are safe and welcoming to the LGBT+ community.