We love searching through the analytics to see what brought people to THEGAYUK, here are the 6 weirdest searches – from Gay Lingerie to Gay Foxes to Jeremy Corbyn, that brought people to our website last week.

Gay Lingerie. Yes, apparently it’s a thing, although we’re not convinced that it’s specifically gay… more like male lingerie… We ran a story about it back in May.

Gary Barlow Naked. Some people want to find naked pictures of Gary Barlow – and we’re not judging them for that.


Fox gay animals. Yes it’s not just humans who have sexuality… Animals do to… You won’t believe which is the gayest!

Belinda Carlisle Plastic Surgery. We spoke with Ms. Carlisle about her beauty regime and she swears that her youthful good looks are down, purely to, clean living.

Gay one night stand tips. Oh we have those One Night Stand tips for you… Just remember to be safe!

shop dildos for gay sex

How LGBT is Jeremy Corbyn… Funny you should ask, we listed how pro-LGBT all the labour leader candidates were here.

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