A year in naked celebrity land 2016

So which were the best naked celebrity moments in 2016?

CREDIT: Gus Kenworthy / Instagram

Aside from hacks and leaks of which 2016 will go down in history as the wettest,  there were lots of male stars who were prepared to show their flesh. Here are our favourite moments.

Austin Armacost naked
CREDIT: Austin Armacost / Instagram

Austin Armacost was a regular in the naked arena. He often took to Instagram to share a naked selfie. Click to see our favourite here. Then there was the naked yoga pose.


Joel Dommett penis painting

Joel Dommett showed no fear when he tried out penis painting. Yes, you read that right. Runner-up in 2016’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Joel tried painting with nothing but his penis and some paints. The results were amazing. Click here to see them.


aaron frew naked
CREDIT: Aaron Frew/Instagram

Then there was Big Brother star Aaron Frew. He got completely starkers in front of a gay club in a porn idol competition. Although he swears he’s not going to enter into the world of porn!

garrett clayton naked

Garrett Clayton showed off how beachy his bottom was in the trailer for the feature film about a gay porn star in King Cobra.


David McIntosh gets naked
CREDIT: David McIntosh / Instagram

Gladiator’s star David McIntosh got in trouble with Instagram many times this year with his rather NSFW piccys. Our favourite was him waking up…



Lewis Bloor naked
CREDIT: Lewis Bloor / Instagram

Lewis Bloor was basically the king of naked in 2016. He flashed himself a lot in the Celebrity Big Brother house and then his girlfriend reminded us of how big the reality star is


Sam Giffen gets naked

Big Brother star Sam Giffen got peachy and all was good.


CREDIT: Gus Kenworthy / Instagram

Gus Kenworthy went skinny dipping (pictured above) and all was good

CREDIT: Olly Murs / Instagram

Olly Murs showed us his Pineapple, which he was very naked behind. He also got starkers in a men’s locker room filled with other men… before admitting he was about 20 percent gay.


CREDIT: Channel 5/ Youtube

Frankie Grande was a naked star of 2016 who managed to get his kit off quite a bit, especially in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

John Barrowman managed to expose his husband to the entire world


Here’s to more naked antics in 20017.

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