Actor, Rib Hillis, Really Wants You To Watch His Movie Being Naked

Audiences in the UK might not know Rib Hillis, but they will after he posted of a naughty pic of himself to promote his new movie Birthday Cake.

In a move which could threaten to be his ruin or his making Rib Hillis has posted a picture of his rather hot body to promote his new movie Birthday Cake, which urges people to demand the film on Netflix and Redbox – which is DVD rental service in the US.

Rib with his clothes on…

In a statement to Queerty, the actor said:

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‘We made this movie specifically to show that gay families are just like any other family in America: they bicker with each other, they love each other and they get stressed out trying to plan the perfect child’s birthday party. We hope Redbox will consider carrying the film. The company received a lot of backlash earlier this year for carrying Bridegroom and we hope the gay community will support us and continue to support Redbox by demanding good films involving gay stories.’

Rib Hillis made his name as Jeds in Baywatch Nights and Dr Jake Marshak in Port Charles

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