Calm down, calm down… He’s not actually going anywhere.

Prolific adult star Johnny Rapid shocked fans on Twitter yesterday by announcing that he was retiring from films because of COVID-19, but it turns out it was just a joke.

The star, who has starred in countless films took to Twitter to tell his fans that he was retiring. Saying “I’m officially retiring from porn as of this moment”

However, he later updated that status, not on Twitter but on the AVN website, saying,

“Hey lovers,
yesterday I’ve posted a joke on Twitter saying that I would retire from porn because of the whole CoronaV situation which makes it hard to meet people, but it seems that some followers took it seriously.

I won’t bother to explain myself on social media in details; that it was a joke etc… but since we are in an exclusive trust circle here: No, I won’t let you down, this industry has been really good to me and I can totally feel all your love, it gives me strength everyday to work harder to please your fantasies.”

He also added that he was “way too young or too kinky” to leave porn.

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So there you have it. Panic over. Johnny Rapid is not going anywhere you can check him out on the website.

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