★★★★★ | Röyksopp The Inevitable End

Like life, all good things come to an end, and for Norwegian electronica superstars that time is now, but fear not they are leaving with us with one last incredible album and a little hint that it’s not quite the last of them.

Album opener “Skulls” is a futuristic slab of electro-pop, addicting, pulsing and voiced by an ethereal sounding pop robot that Daft Punk would be jealous of and it certainly sets the tone for the rest of album, ie euphoric cry-on-the-dancefloor anthems.

Next up is a massively reworked version of the Robyn featuring “Monument” gone is the laid back chilled vibe of the original and in comes chunky synth riffs & throbbing beats, it sounds bigger and somehow more epic. “Sordid Affair” is next and it’s a polished little soft-dance number about heartbreak, following track “You Know I Have To Go” follows the same path but takes the tempo down a good few notches for a other worldly 3am walking back from the club on your own thinking about stuff experience.

“Save Me” up next and takes that tempo back up a few and grows nicely into a rather sprawling melancholic love song, the tempo goes sky high next for album highlight “I Had This Thing” the very definition of a euphoric-cry-on-the-dancefloor anthem. Robyn makes her 2nd and final appearance on the short but not sweet violin enhanced bleepy swirls and swear word laden “Rong”

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The tempo remains firmly down for “Here She Comes Again” and “Running To The Sea” the latter is another superb piece of throbbing cry-on-the-dancefloor slice of melancholy euphoria, “Compulsion” is up next and it’s a big piece of dark undulating electronica, “Coup de Grace” is a sweeping electronic instrumental (the only one on the album) and it serves as a bit of an epic emotional build up to the last ever album track “Thank You” which is a touching pop robot voiced piano led little number, thanking us forever. *weep*

Whatever the future holds for Röyksopp this last ever album is a fantastic way to say farewell and thank you for the music

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The Inevitable End is released Nov 10 2014 – Pre Order the album with the button below.

Links: http://royksopp.com / https://www.facebook.com/Royksopp / https://twitter.com/royksopp

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