All Male version of Hooters opens in Dallas

2nd June 2015 0 By Roger Walker-Dack

In parts of the US scantily clad buxom women waitress have made restaurant chains with names like Hooters and Twin Peaks (sic) very popular with men who just like to ogle and dribble when they are eating their burgers, but now one brand new eatery has turned the tables.

The women (and obviously gay men) are getting a chance to to dine and drool over muscular waiters in tank tops and skin-tight short shorts/underwear in a place that has the tasteful name of Tallywackers!

It is too early to see whether the fine upstanding citizens (and others not quite so upstanding) of Dallas will take to getting an eyeful of beef when ordering their juicy steaks, but we are shallow enough to welcome this new incentive to making dining that much hotter.

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