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A legendary gay bar in London has announced it is to close.

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The Queen’s Head in Chelsea, London, is set to close after its management said it was unable to “come to reasonable terms for renewal of the lease”.


The pub, which is one of London’s oldest gay bars is just one of over 100 gay bars that have closed since the year 2000 in London.

It was an interesting concept for a bar as its setup was mixed for LGBT+ and mixed customers. Two sides of the bar catered for two different audiences.

A Facebook message confirmed the closure, revealing that the last day of trading would be the 6th September.


The statement said,

“Unfortunately it’s true, the Old Lady of Tryon Street will be closing her doors,

“We’ve been unable to come to reasonable terms for renewal of the lease on the building with our landlords and therefore we’ll be shutting up shop.
The Queens Head will be back in some form or another but the place that we all know and love will cease to be.

“We’re bloody gutted as well by the way.”


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In a later post, management of the Queen’s Head explained that the pub’s owners, Stonegate Pub Company where not to blame for the closure but the building’s owner saying,

“If the landlords are asking for too much money then it’s untenable for them to keep the place.

“They honestly didn’t want to let us go and have been trying for months to come to an agreement with the landlords.”

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