Gay animal news is making headlines in March 2023. Recently, Japanese scientists announced that they had successfully created baby mice from the cells of two fathers. Meanwhile, a German research team discovered that air pollution is causing male fruit flies to exhibit gay courtship behaviour.

I mean we’re wondering what “gay courtship behaviour” means at this point. A Grindr pic swap? A dark room fumble? Some cute love-meet in a uni library? Come on scientists work with us here.


So, Fruit flies use pheromones to find and mate with their partners. However, ozone pollution is destroying these pheromones, making it difficult for male fruit flies to distinguish between sexes. When exposed to ozone levels similar to those found in polluted cities, male fruit flies exhibited an increase in gay courtships, likely due to decreased pheromone levels.

Female fruit flies were also less interested in males exposed to ozone pollution.

It’s not all fun and games

While the gay drama of insect courtship is entertaining, the study’s findings about decreasing insect populations due to pollution are a serious concern. The research team warns that if pollutants continue to disrupt chemical communication, insects will not be able to reproduce at a sufficient rate.


As 80% of crops rely on insect pollination, this could have far-reaching consequences.

It’s important to note that same-sex relationships between animals are common and healthy, with gayness observed in 1,500 species. Apparently Bats are supposed to be some of the gayest animals on the planet well Swans are pretty darn gay too… (20% in same-sex relationships, often with families) and exhibit homosexual behaviour.

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Love truly knows no boundaries in the animal kingdom.

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