Research has found that people who identify themselves as LGBT may not receive the support they need when they are facing the later stages of a life-limiting condition or illness.

Researchers at King’s College London are trying to understand more about why this may be, and what can be done to improve the care for LGB and/or T people.


If you identify yourself as a lesbian woman, gay man, bisexual and / or transgender person, and are approaching the later stages of a life-limiting illness (cancer, neurological conditions, organ failure such as heart, lung or liver disease, or any other life-limiting illness or condition), we would like to talk to you about your experiences. We are conducting interviews, which will last up to one hour, and can be arranged at a time and location convenient to you.

Findings from this study will be used to create media resources and information for patients and their informal carers, partners or family. The findings will also inform the development of training and resources for healthcare professionals to improve care for LGB and/or T people with a life-limiting condition or illness.
This study is being carried out by the research team at King’s College London with Marie Curie Cancer Care, GMFA / HERO, care providers and educators.

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