Should you bin it or flush it... Here's what you need to do with your used condom?

Use it and bin it…

Condoms are an important part of safer sex, especially if you’re not on PrEP and are engaging in anal sex, but what should you do with the rubber once you’ve spaffed your load.

Once you’ve removed your penis (while still hard) from your partner’s ass, you should roll the Johnny up from the base of your penis towards the end. Sometimes the receptive partner might do this for you, especially if the end of the condom has become a little dirty during sex. Be careful here, because the condom will tend to go inside out as you’re pulling it away from the body – which isn’t so great when the tip of it is full of jizz.

What's the best way to dispose of condoms after use

Make sure to have a tissue to hand and as you take the condom from your cock, place the condom into the tissue and fold over the tissue to encase it. Some people like to tie a knot in the condom, so the man mayo doesn’t leak into your bin.

Then… Chuck it in the bin. Do not put it down the toilet.

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Can we flush used condoms in the toilet after use?

Should we throw used condoms in the toilet after use?
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Have you seen those fatbergs they’re pulling out of the sewers? Yep, that’s a nasty concoction of condoms, wet wipes and sanitary products and poop all rolled up in fat. It’s not nice and because condoms are mostly latex, they don’t degrade – your trusty condom could be around for decades before it’s broken down. Not so good for the waterways and the planet.

Although did you know you can now get VEGAN condoms?

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So chuck it in the bin and then wash your hands.

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