When did you know?

It’s one of those questions that many of us get asked from curious people, both gay and straight alike.

Inquisitive straight people might want to know how you came to the conclusion that you fancied people from the same sex.

Other gay and bi guys might just want to compare their story with yours. For so many gay and bi people there are hardly any LGBT+ narratives on mainstream TV programming, particularly for kids or teens – so it can be much harder to come to terms with, or recognise your feelings and their validity when there’s nothing to compare it to.

When asked, most guys say they knew quite early on in their lives… Do you remember when?

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A recent discussion on Reddit revealed some of the signs guys realised they were gay and we can’t 100 relate.

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When other guys talk about girls and you can’t relate. [VIA]

Wanting to be friends with all the good looking boys [via]

My first sign was when I played The Sims and made all my Sims gay [via]

Masturbating to gay sex images / naked men [via]

You make eye contact with other men and it’s like a lightning bolt shoots down your body from your brain to your cock. [via]

I knew I was 100% gay when I made out with a guy for the first time. It felt right was sooooo much hotter than kissing a girl. [via]

Searching “free gay porn” or “am I gay test” [via]

For me was around 8-10 yo. My male friends would talk about the hot mamas and I couldn’t relate. I only had eyes to the moustache daddies. I wanted them to hold me and kiss me. [via]

Realizing I wanted to spend all my time with one guy friend. Particularly loved wrestling with him. [via]

I remember walking into a men’s locker room when I was a kid (around 9) and definitely something clicked at that moment. [via]

I knew before I even knew there was such thing. I was probably 5 years old. It’s just a feeling you get. You just know. [via]

Shopping for underwear and you get hard from the pictures on the packaging  [via]

When you watch disney channel and the scenes where male actors take their shirts off interest you more than the storyline. [via]

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