An artist has recreated a portrait of Tom Daley out of homophobic tweets the diver received after he came out in December last year.

Last December Tom Daley came out via a YouTube video which went viral within minutes of him posting it online, and although the diver mainly received support and praise from the online community, a number of Twitter Trolls did take to the social network to tweet homophobic comments.

These comments have now been made into a portrait of the Olympic diver, by Conor Collins who has created this stunning picture of Tom.


Taking to Twitter, the artist has said:

‘Still utterly overwhelmed by the reaction to my painting of Tom Daley. Thank you all who thought it good enough to share it!

‘Been told there are articles saying ive sold my Tom Daley piece! I’ve not!! Its not my intention to make money from this piece!’

Even Stephen Fry is a fan, tweeting about the painting.

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Meanwhile Tom Daley’s new show for ITV2 Tom Daley Goes Global is doing good trade for the channel. The next episode is on the 24th and see Tom and Sophie jetting off to New Zealand.

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