The artist who turned homophobic hate for Tom Daley into an incredible portrait, has worked his magic again by turning 100 messages of hate and death threats against Caitlyn Jenner into a work of art.


CREDIT: Conor Collins




In 2014, Conor Collins took hundreds of homophobic messages about diver Tom Daley from Twitter and created a stunning work of art out of him.

Now he’s turned his attention to Caitlyn Jenner, taking transphobic hate messages that he found online and recreating the now famous Vanity Fair cover of Ms. Jenner.


Speaking to the HuffPo Collins said,

“I admire what Caitlyn has done and how she has used her position and privilege to make a difference,

“So, naturally like anyone curious, I went on her Twitter to see more and was horrified by some of the comments. When I saw these I wanted to show them because it is a reality of what trans people experience every day.”

“Caitlyn is making a difference to the trans community however I didn’t want to hide the darkness and persecution [trans people] face in my art piece,”

In 2014, articles from various news sources suggested that the Manchester based artist had sold the Tom Daley piece, but he rebuffed the suggestions saying,

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“Been told there are articles saying ive sold my Tom Daley piece! I’ve not!! It’s not my intention to make money from this piece!”


Collins shared the portrait of Caitlyn Jenner on Twitter and it was retweeted 2,800 times and favourited 5,600 times.
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