This week the internet’s most vicious agony aunt helps or hinders a reader who finds that his boyfriend has pictures of other men’s penises on his phone.




Dear Aunty,

I’ve been seeing a guy for about 3 months now and the other night I was looking through his phone and found pictures of another guys c**k. Should I talk to him about this or put it down to men being men? Joe.


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Dearest Joe

There’s nothing less exciting in life than men sending each other pictures of their bits and bobs. Yes it’s a dangly bit of flesh, some big, some small, some decorated with silver jewels, but in the end it’s a picture. Nothing beats the feel, the smell, the taste of the real thing and if the new bf is busying himself with pics of others, which may just be fantasies, or more, then it’s time to kick him to the curb and find yourself a man who’ll give you his full, hard loving attention… hopefully over and over again!


Love Aunty xxx


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