Imagine it… Tens of thousands of eyes on you in the stadium and countless millions at home. It’s easy to miss something isn’t it?


Well unfortunately for Karen Harding, the singer managed to miss the entire front section of her big TV moment, singing God Save The Queen in front of a live television audience and tens of thousands of footie fans in the stadium.

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to sing the National Anthem live at a sporting event, let alone the FA Cup Final.

Karen Harding, who had a number 7 hit with the song Say Something in 2015,  can be seen fiddling with her ear piece as the anthem played in the background and was clearly the victim of a technical fault as she stood waiting for her cue.

Say Something was playlisted on Gaydio and received a lot of airtime.

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Despite the brass band playing the instantly recognisable anthem and the entire stadium singing the song the 24-year-old star could not hear the music.

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She did manage however to sing the last few sentences.

Social media users who were watching it at home flooded Twitter with messages of sympathy.

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