RuPaul Drag Race UK superstar, Baga Chipz has been keeping good company – as she was recently spotted with some of the lads from the Naked Rugby Players calendar.

Casually hanging out with some of the lads from the Bristol Bisons, who semi stripped off for her, Baga held the calendar in hand and told viewers they’d feel “much betta” if they went and bought it – of course, proceeds from the calendar go to Balls To Cancer and the six inclusive rugby teams that took part in the calendar.

She even managed to get the Naked Rugby lads to say her world-famous catchphrase with her.

Baga came third in the first-ever Drag Race UK but became a firm favourite of fans of the show. She also managed to bag herself the catchphrase “Much Betta” cementing her as one of the most memorable queens ever to take part in the show.


You can buy The Naked Rugby Players’ calendar directly from their store, or from any of the clubs involved.