BIG BROTHER Aaron Shows How to Twerk Whilst Bottoming

Openly gay Big Brother housemate Aaron Frew has given Chloe tips on how to Twerk whilst having sex.

Aaron who admitted last week that he had sex with someone with a “10 incher” has shown Chloe how he likes to Twerk whilst having sex.

Aaron, 24 romped on the bed infront of the Doncaster lass to demonstrate how he wiggled his butt whilst having sex. With his hips raised off the bed, Aaron proceeds to wiggle his bottom and gyrate his hips in front of a bemused Chloe.

Top marks for poise and angle we say!

Chloe, 25, was quick to show off her prowess got on all fours to show her stylings.

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Last week Joel, from Cardiff admitted that if he had to make out with a male housemate he could with Aaron.

Just in case you needed to see more of Aaron’s moves – here you go…

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