BIG BROTHER: Joel Admits He Could Make Out With Aaron

In tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Conservative councillor Joel admits that he would make out with openly gay Aaron Frew.

Despite claims that he’s a “proud” heterosexual in yesterday’s show, Joel, 19 from Cardiff, said that it would be a “no-brainer” for him to make out with his fellow housemate Aaron.

Aaron pretends to be Big Brother and asks Joel which male housemate he would make out with. Joel replies: “This is an absolute no-brainer for me, the contestant is on the board to your immediate top left.”

The Housemates cheer as they realise he means Aaron. So is love in the air for Aaron and Joel?

Later on a drunken Aaron, after copious amounts of wine is in the bathroom being sick. Danny goes into the toilet and carries Aaron to bed.

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Big Brother continues tonight, Monday 18th May at 10.00pm on Channel 5


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