Rebekha Shelton

In a teary, emotional late night video, Rebekah Shelton shared her confusion over her transition with her fans.

Rebekha Shelton
CREDIT: Rebekha Shelton/ Twitter

Rebekah Shelton, who fans of Big Brother may remember as Rodrigo Lopez, shared an emotional video on Twitter over her confusion and upset over her transition. Speaking via Twitter, in Tweets that she’s now deleted, she spoke of her journey, since embarking on a series of operations to fulfil her transition. She spoke of her loneliness and the discrimination she’s faced since beginning her physical transition.

She was left questioning whether the transition was worth it.

The videos were uploaded after she managed to log into her old Rodrigo Facebook account and left the star feeling emotional. She said,

“I went on, after five years, I was trying to find the Facebook account, as Rodrigo, you know, from the past. I was shocked, it’s hard to go through everything I’ve been through – having all these surgeries and things. It’s crazy when you look at yourself and the way you used to be, and it makes you wonder, what have I done?”


After she logged on to the Facebook account she Tweeted a picture of herself entering the BB house as Rodrigo,

“I used to be a handsome boy. What have I done to myself? I’m lonely. I’m lost. It wasn’t worth it”


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She finished her video by saying,

“If you are following me and you want to transition, think. Think, once, twice, three times, four times, five times, because it’s not easy. You have more opportunities in your birth gender because there is still discrimination. There is still discrimination, you know so just think.”


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Dr Dannii Cohen, who writes for THEGAYUK said,

“This is something the new transgender community would rather not talk about, understandable: they are getting their voice out at last and do not want people to doubt their validity.

“But it is important, especially right now and should not be silenced.

“Trans identity is wonderful – IF it is how you truly feel, but think about it long and hard for months, years and then discuss it with psychologists at least five times. If you do it simply because you are seduced by others on the internet and think it could fill a hole inside yourself or because you think you simply aren’t good enough the way you are I’m not.”

Read the full article from Dr Cohen here.


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