Big Brother’s Helen “diagnosed” with bisexuality

As the house settles down with 3 new housemates, talk turns to sex – well how can it not when Biannca is around.

Whilst giving Helen a lap dance Essex girl Biannca gets her boobs out and rubs them in her face, whilst the other housemates look on in bewildered, apart from Ash who seems to be enjoying himself and Zoe who sings a theme tune. Helen admits that she loves strippers and has paid girls to strip for her in the past.

In the garden, conversation turns to Biannca’s attraction to Winston. Biannca says she was ‘playing up…I’m not really a sex pest…I do want to fu*king fu*k your brains out but I’m not a sex pest!’

The conversation then moves on and Pav asks Kimberly who else she would sleep with in the House. Kimberly picks Biannca and admits that she’s had relationships with women in the past. Helen also admits to being “diagnosed with bisexuality” .

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So there you have it – according to Helen Bisexuality can be diagnosed.

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Big Brother continues on Channel 5 Tonight at 10:00PM

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