What does bisexual mean?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which those who define themselves as such have a sexual attraction to both the female and male sexes, which can be distinct from the social construction of man and woman, which can be included in the bisexual spectrum.

More recently there has been a move to be more inclusive with the coining of bisexual+ or bi+ which can include gender expressions as well as biological sex, which can come close to pansexuality, in which those who identify as such, do not limit their sexual attraction to gender, biological sex or gender expression.

Bisexual people can be cis-gender, transgender and non-binary/genderfluid.


We asked people who identify as bisexual what bisexuality meant to them.


Being attracted, sexually and/or romantically, to more than one gender.


A subtle, nuanced freedom that finds joy and promotes openness

As with any definition of sexuality, what bisexuality means to one person who defines as bisexual may be entirely different to someone else’s definition.

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