Hateful leaflets, which condemned “homosexualism”, were posted through the letterboxes of Brighton households ahead of Brighton’s Pride event.

An investigation is underway in Brighton today after a number of leaflets condemning homosexuality were posted through the letterboxes of residents in the Hanover area before Brighton’s pride which took part this past weekend.

The leaflet in parts states, ‘The practice of homosexuality is both blasphemy against God and rebellion against nature.


‘It [is] abundantly evident that a penis is made for a vagina, and not for an anus. An anus is in fact designed solely for defecation.

‘Homosexuality, as well as being a sin and a vice, is essentially a neurosis, a pathological condition, the result of several factors including childhood experiences.

‘Homosexualism has become a cult, and by the indoctrination of school children and regular propaganda through the media, it seeks converts.


‘The general acceptance of homosexuality(…) will only lead to a continuing degeneration and corruption of morals, and the disintegration of family life. There is no such thing, and never can be any such thing as ‘gay marriage’.

‘If the practice of homosexuality is acceptable, then in time any form of sexual deviation, perversion and experimentation will be acceptable, including the progressive lowering of the age of consent, taking it below the age of puberty, and thus legalizing paedophilia.’

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A number of people in the area said that they had seen a ‘sinister looking monk’ delivering the leaflets.

A spokesperson from Brighton’s police force said,

‘Police received reports on Wednesday, July 30 that homophobic leaflets had been delivered in the Hanover area of Brighton.

‘The PCSO for the area made contact with those who had reported the leaflets and the LGBT team at Brighton police station were made aware.’

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