As one of the busiest prides in the UK is set to take place this weekend, railway firm, Southern Rail issues journey warnings and long delays.

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Hundreds of thousands of people attending Brighton Pride face travel turmoil as Southern Rail continues to grapple with industrial disputes and infrastructure issues.

The company recently announced it was cancelling 350 daily services.

Southern Rail which runs the service between London and Brighton released a statement to warn passengers of long delays and station closures during the Brighton Pride weekend and asked people to consider about alternative routes and journeys if they were planning to visit Brighton over this weekend.

The company said in a statement,

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“Reduced train service will mean very busy trains.

“Preston Park station will be closed for the safety of passengers and staff.”

“There will be a reduced service over the weekend to and from Brighton meaning very busy trains.

“Given the large attendance expected at Pride, as usual there will be a queuing system in place at Brighton Station for return journeys – and the closure of Preston Park Station and the continuing engineering works at London Bridge mean that customers should expect long waiting times before they can board a train home.”

Queuing System

The queuing system at Brighton station will be in place from 06:00, and customers will be allowed on to the platforms on a first-come-first served basis as space allows.

Security precautions

The problems may further be compounded with added security features to protect pride goers over the weekend.

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Sussex Police said that concrete barriers will be installed as security is stepped up after the terror events in Orlando in June and Nice in July – and all though the UK’s terror threat level is the same as last year – officers are taking no risks.

Ch Supt Nev Kemp said,

“[But] most people are unlikely to notice any difference from previous years and none of the changes that we have made should affect the enjoyment of people involved.”

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