Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance Black set social media on fire after tweeting something that made fans think that he and Tom Daley had gotten hitched… without telling them.

CREDIT: Dustin Lance Black / Instagram


Love birds Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley set the rumour mill on fire after DLB tweeted something that made their fans suspicious last week.

DLB inadvertently managed to make people believe that the pair, who are engaged to be married, had actually gone ahead with the big day without telling anyone.

Tweeting about watching his fiance diving at the Rio 2016 Olympics last week, the Oscar winning writer said,

“3M Finals with Johnny Chaillot. Watch out #FootballWives, the #DivingHusbands are in the house. #Rio2016 #Diving”

With DLB suggesting that he was a “Diving Husband”, social media went into overdrive speculating that the adorable duo had married – when the world wasn’t looking.

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A spokesperson for the pair told The Mirror that it wasn’t true and that the pair weren’t married – yet.

We want first row seats when it happens. In fact scrap that – we want to be the ring bearers.

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… take your mind out of the gutters.

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