Boyz Magazine is a London-based LGBT scene magazine.

It was created 30 years and is published by David Bridle.

The magazine is a monthly, full-colour magazine since was first launched in 1991. It features lots of news about bars and clubs in the scene as well as accompanying photos of revellers at said venues. It also once featured an X-rated picture in a feature called BackRoom Boy. It went through a major overhaul in 2007 when most of the adult content was removed. In 2008 as escort and rent boy adverts started to venture online the magazine removed its escort classified section.

It has published over 1400 issues.

It was weekly magazine until July 2019, when it changed its format once again to become monthly.

It is distributed, for free, primarily through gay venues through the UK, but mostly within London. It’s available to pick up in most LGBT+ bars and some shops, especially in the Soho area.

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Can you buy a subscription?

Nope, Boyz Magazine is a free magazine distributed to some LGBT bars and shops. Readers cannot purchase a subscription in the same way that they might be able to subscribe to Gay Times or Attitude. You can, however, read the magazine for free via its website.

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