The actor, which we like to refer to as golden voice Sir Patrick Stewart has laughed off being mistakenly OUTED after congratulating Ellen Page after she came out.

The gaff happened after Jane Czyzselska, writing for the Guardian gave Sir Patrick as an example of a gay actor who gave fellow X-Men actor Ellen Page congratulations after she came out this week. Jane Czuselska also edits Diva magazine.


She wrote:

‘Some gay people, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page’s coming out speech is newsworthy because a high-profile and surprisingly politically aware young actress has decided not to play by the rules that so many closeted Hollywood actors are advised to follow if they are to enjoy mainstream success.’

However Stewart is not gay and recently married his wife Sunny Ozell in September 2013.

Sir Patrick was good humoured about the outing saying:

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‘Well, @guardian it makes for a nice change… at least I didn’t wake up to the internet telling me I was dead again.’

The Guardian amended the article and issued a retraction.

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