Top gay sounding innuendos on Bake Off

As the dust settles and the news sinks in that GBBO will have a new home next year we’ve just found out how much Channel 4 apparently paid for the show.

Top gay sounding innuendos on Bake Off


So Channel 4 is going to be the new home for the Great British Bake Off – and well Twitter has had a meltdown about it. Mel and Sue apparently aren’t coming along for the Channel 4 ride and word is out on Mary Berry.

Well we’ve just read how much Channel 4 has apparently paid for the rights to the GBBO and it’s staggering… wait for it.

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So the BBC apparently pays £6m per series of the show to Love Productions the makers of Bake Off – Channel 4 have topped that and are allegedly stumping up £75m for three series – that’s £25,000,000 big ones – a cool £19 mil more per series. That’s a lot of dough… sorry couldn’t help it.


HUH? – and wait there’s more – ITV and Netflix reportedly offered more than C4 – but the programme makers thought there was more creative synergy with the Born Risky channel.

Do you think it’s worth it?