During a tell-all AMA on Reddit the 35-year-old Hunk and star of Magic Mike revealed what he calls his ding-a-ling…

Nothing, it seemed, was off limits as Channing Tatum revealed some would say, not us, what he calls his pecker. During the candid interview of sorts, one excited fan asked, “Does your penis have a nickname?” To which the Magic Mike star replied, “Gilbert”.

There you have it. Channing Tatum calls his Johnson Gilbert. Now we’re trying to image what Gilbert looks like.


Just so he knows we have an Sullivan over here and we’re happy to get to together and make music.

Last weekend, Channing joined his co-star Matt Bomer for Pride and showed his dance moves off.

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“Magic Mike XXL” is set for release worldwide beginning Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

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