Perez Hilton, the self proclaimed ‘Queen Of Media’ has posted a ‘modelling’ picture of himself from the 90s

Perez Hilton, 36, has posted a #ThrowbackThursday picture of himself when he was in his teens on Instagram, with the caption: ‘This was my sad attempt at a model shot! #PosingHard #OhThe90s #LOLs #TBT #ThrowbackThursday.’

We have to say we’re not feeling the bold patterns, but are liking the chess board prop. Very intelligent.

Last year Perez Hilton, who became a father, feared for his life after a Twitter spat between Lady Gaga and himself caused her fans to threaten him and his son’s life.


He said, ‘I can’t sleep. I am literally sick to my stomach. Not playing any f**king games here. I am afraid for my f**king safety and that of my son.’