It’s not often you see duos in the music business, but Bro-Boy-Band BSIDE are about to launch their music to the world.


Step aside Carpenters, move on Same Difference, siblings Ethan and Nico are about unleash their music on the world. This week, the brothers are launching their debut single, Tell Everybody.

“Growing up, we never fit in with the rest of the world,” admits younger brother Nico.  “We were different and we realised early on that life has two sides: one is the A, the normal.  The other side is the B; that is only for fighters. We are fighters.”



What sets BSIDE apart from other boy bands is the guys are 100% hands-on in the creative musical development of their songs: they write, compose, produce, record, edit, mix and master their own songs.

Check them out over at their website