BREAKING: Northern Ireland Christian bakers, Ashers Bakery, have lost their “gay cake” appeal at an appeal court.

baker loses gay cake appeal
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A bakery in Northern Ireland has lost its appeal against a court ruling that its decision to refuse to bake a “gay cake” as discriminatory.


The judge said according to the BBC that “it did not follow that icing a message meant you supported that message.”

In 2014, gay rights activist Gareth Lee tried to order a cake which the bakers refused to make because it had the inscription “Support Gay Marriage”.

The Christian-run Ashers Baking Co. in Northern Ireland refused to make a pro-gay marriage cake, which featured a slogan “Support Gay Marriage – Queer Space Born 1998” with a picture of Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert, because it says it clashed with the ethos of their company, saying,

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“We thought that this order was at odds with our beliefs, certainly was in contradiction with what the Bible teaches.”

In May 2015, a UK Court has found that the bakery had acted unlawfully when it refused to fulfil the order.

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